We present to you the members of the Association for Innovation in Logistics. They are leading providers of solutions, products and services in logistics.
Supplier of visual safety features for warehouse and production
ALIS Tech develops a comprehensive system for locating and monitoring people, equipment and vehicles in dangerous industrial zones or any other places. IQRF, Wi-Fi and UWB wireless technology are used for location and telemetry.
Bettaroe Robotics
Fulfilling cleaning and catering requirements using automation and robotics
Autonomous robots that fulfill cleaning and catering requirements using automation. Together with the delivery, the company provides comprehensive advice and proposes the optimal solution for the client’s premises. Now also with the possibility of renting.
BITO Skladovací technika CZ
Supplier of storage technology
BITO represents innovative storage technology and is one of the few suppliers of complete storage technology to produce racking, conveying, picking and transport systems for all industries.
Provision of comprehensive services related to work and fire safety
The company specializes in providing comprehensive services related to work and fire safety. From consultancy services to training, documentation, participation in SOD negotiations, servicing and supply of fire extinguishers, electrical inspections and supply of safety signage.
IT experts in industrial machine learning and AI solutions
DataVision is a software development company, focusing on the development and delivery of complex machine vision systems, the use of artificial intelligence for industrial applications, and image data analysis.
DEXTRUM FulFillment
Logistics outsourcing with robotics support
We offer the service of comprehensive fulfillment for e-commerce partners (e-shops and B2B). In the warehouse we use advanced technologies based on automation and robotization, which guarantees the quality and efficiency of your logistics processes.
Immersive Technologies
We use high-tech technologies to design XR concepts of expanded and virtual reality for our customers to open up new possibilities for collaboration, the potential for new products or services, to increase productivity and efficiency, or to gain a competitive advantage.
Warehouse automation supplier
Kardex is a global industry partner for intralogistics solutions and a leading supplier of automated warehousing solutions and material handling systems. Kardex consists of two business-managed divisions, Kardex Remstar and Kardex Mlog.
Supplier of WMS and solutions for automation and robotics
KVADOS has been a respected manufacturer and supplier of proprietary software solutions, services and consulting since 1992. The basic principle of our work is well-managed projects and the ability to understand the processes and operations of our clients
Logistics consultancy provider
The company helps its customers to find and implement innovative and efficient solutions in the optimization, modernization and automation of logistics. Its portfolio of consulting services covers the entire corporate logistics system of commercial and manufacturing companies.
Manufacturer of solutions for B2C and B2B portals
NetDirect s.r.o. is a leading Czech software company engaged in the creation of e-shop and portal solutions, web presentations and online marketing. Since 2002 we have been one of the most important suppliers of B2B portals and B2C e-shops on the Czech e-commerce market. We build our solutions on our own platforms.
PAC Technology
Supplier and engineering company in electrical, measurement and control and ASR
PAC Technology provides designing work, the manufacture of switchboards, electrical installation work, development of user software and commissioning. All this in the industrial sector – energy, water treatment, chemical industry, automotive.
Service and assortment in packaging management - especially for industrial packaging and the optimization of palleted units
We are partners for the optimization of packaging and packaging material. We offer complete service and range of products in the packaging industry – with a special focus on industrial packaging and the optimization of palletized units.
RCR Flooring Services
Specialist in industrial flooring
RCR Flooring Services is an international group of industrial flooring consultants. We provide design, technical support during implementation, the testing, maintenance and repair of industrial floors. We are involved in projects such as fully automated logistics centers across Europe and various logistics and robotics projects where floor functionality is key.
T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
Services in cybersecurity, data services and cloud, private campus networks and SD-X corporate networks
T-Business strives to ensure that Czech companies, entrepreneurs and public institutions can take full advantage of the digital revolution. And thus achieve greater efficiency, competitiveness and security. They provide services in cybersecurity, data services and clouds, private campus networks, and enterprise SD-X networks.
TMT a. s. Chrudim
Manufacturer and supplier of conveyor systems and warehouse automation
We are a leading Czech manufacturer of automated solutions, conveyor systems, robotic workplaces, production and assembly lines with a global presence. For over 32 years, we have been offering comprehensive, tailor-made automation supplies in various industries. Especially in recent years, we have established ourselves on the European and global market, moving from being a “mere” manufacturer of conveyors to the position of a system integrator of European importance.
Toyota Material Handling CZ
Supplier of handling equipment and warehouse equipment
Toyota has long been recognized as an innovator in handling practices, a leader in connectivity and automation, and an implementer of new progressive energy sources, most notably its own modular li-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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